There is a nice tool which allows you to autocomplete email addresses in mutt by making use of the contacts stored in the evolution data server of the GNOME desktop. The small helper programme was originally written by Sertac...[more]


Announce mutt2todotxt

To improve my task management workflow with the todo.txt command line tool I wrote a small helper called mutt2todotxt. It converts a mail from mutt into a todo.txt item and adds it to the list of open items. It will...[more]


Announce todo.txt open action

The script adds a new action to, the todo.txt command line client, which allows to open documents referenced in a todo item. If more than one document is available a small menu will be shown. This allows you to...[more]


Aptdaemon now supports Python 3

Finally the Python 3 port of aptdaemon is ready for testing! Thanks to Barry Warsaw, Colin Watson and Martin Pitt for advice, support and code. So we are getting a step closer to shipping Python 3.2...[more]


Moving forward

This will be perhaps my last posting on this blog since I decided to move to Diaspora. Right, the new social thing that has not really taken off yet. See you at Diaspora! And for those who follow by RSS.[more]


Secure at home - dahoam

Tired of typing in your super long and super secure laptop password every time your screensaver activates at home? There is a solution: dahoam. Dahoam is the Bavarian word for being at home. Dahoam is also a Python based PAM...[more]



Sometimes you just feel like a fool - or the fool of all fools. Especially if you have been pointed to a security vulnerability in your own code... So please update your Maverick and Natty systems now![more]

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