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Category: Ubuntu

This blog post is about the recent work done in aptdaemon - the backend used by Ubuntu's software-center to install/remove packages.

In the last week I finally managed to address one of the most awaited features in aptdaemon: dependency handling. It doesn't sound very exciting at first, but listen:

It is now possible to get the dependencies of a transaction (e.g. installing packages) from aptdaemon (and also some more information). Previously the client (e.g. software-center) had to calculate those.

But there is also another aspect which makes this non-trvial: aptdaemon uses transactions to allow users to queue several package management tasks in a row: at first install xterm, then install this codec, then upgrade the system, and so on ... 

Aptdaemon will now take the queued transactions into account when it presents you the dependencies! So if a previous transaction already installs a package it won't ask you again if you want to install it.

But a screencast says more than a thousand words!

The work is currently part of the future-status branch and will be merged soon.