Putting things together

Finally sessioninstaller has left the status of vapoware! Sessioninstaller provides the missing link to use the PackageKit session API with aptdaemon. PackageKit targets two use cases: a common package manager which could be...[more]


Tell me what the future is

This blog post is about the recent work done in aptdaemon - the backend used by Ubuntu's software-center to install/remove packages. In the last week I finally managed to address one of the most awaited features in aptdaemon:...[more]



Thanks to all the people who made FOSDEM 2010 possible! [more]



I am glad to announce aptdaemon: It is a DBus controlled and PolicyKit using package management daemon build on python-apt. If the above description reminds you of PackageKit you won't be completely wrong. Aptdaemon reuses some...[more]


I don't want to be Prada

Canonical/Ubuntu now has got a professional brand marketing. Update: The world isn't black and white only. There are always tensions between differnent - not saying opposite - interests. So I can still go on with this.[more]


Announcemnet: PyGTK PackageKit

Recently I added support for asynchronous operations to the Python client of PackageKit. And on top of this a set of PyGTK widgets which make using PackageKit quite comfortable. The code is part of today's 0.3.10 release.The...[more]


Ubuntu-l10n-de talks

Today Jochen and I hold two sessions about the translation process of the German team and Rosetta. Unluckily my session was first and it seems that I draw a too pessimistic picture of Rosetta and the problems it enforces to...[more]

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