Announcemnet: PyGTK PackageKit

Recently I added support for asynchronous operations to the Python client of PackageKit. And on top of this a set of PyGTK widgets which make using PackageKit quite comfortable. The code is part of today's 0.3.10 release.The...[more]


Ubuntu-l10n-de talks

Today Jochen and I hold two sessions about the translation process of the German team and Rosetta. Unluckily my session was first and it seems that I draw a too pessimistic picture of Rosetta and the problems it enforces to...[more]


German Translators at ubucon

Jochen Skulj and I  are doing an introduction talk to Ubuntu translations and especially the German speaking team at this year's Ubucon which will happen this weekend. See Furthermore...[more]


PackageKit: Call for testing

The APT backend for PackageKit has made a lot of progress recently in the 0.3.x series. It nearly supports all features of PackageKit.  Highlights of the 0.3.x series are: Search for codecs and mime type handlersLocal file...[more]


Aus is'

I retired from the German Ubuntu translation team. I already stopped translating some time ago and it was getting harder and harder for me to find the motivation and time to work on the coordnation of the team. So it was time for...[more]


Ubuntu Translator Tools

This tool collection wants to help Ubuntu translators in their daily work. If you have ever aksed one of the following questions, u-t-t could provide you an answer: In which package can I translate this message/dialog? What...[more]


Initial Release of SHBackup

I am glad to announce the initial release of SHBackup. It is a python application that allows you to easily backup so called root or dedicated servers. It supports logical volumes, mysql and file/directory backup to a ftp site or...[more]

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