Initial release of Python XRandR

 Python-xrandr is a high level API for the RandR extension of the server. RandR allows you to switch resolution, refresgh rate and output settings on the fly without having to hack the xorg.conf file or to restart your...[more]


PackageKit is landing

I finally found some time to create Ubuntu packages of PackageKit. PackageKit is an effort to provide a common, sane and smooth software installation process among all/most distributions. Currently the APT backend (used by Debian...[more]


Making Windows applications more secure

Making it easy to run Windows applications in Ubuntu also opens the door for all the Windows viruses and worms. So why not scanning Windows applications for viruses automatically? With the ClamAV bindings for python this is an...[more]



Corey, you have been right about the bus drivers. Very profiled personalities.But the other passengers were very nice and helpful. Thank you, Ed Moroney.[more]


Transfer installed software

If you want to install the same packages that already have been installed on another system the following small script ( could be of help: #!/usr/bin/env python import apt_pkgfromapt.progress import...[more]


Day One

The first day of the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Boston ended. It is quite nice to see a lot of people from other projects and distribution here around. Furthermore juding from the number of quality assurance guys the next LTS...[more]


Thanks Canonical

I just want to say thank you to Canonical for inviting me once again to the Ubuntu Developer Summit. This time in Boston, USA.[more]

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